Ginger Joy: Your gateway to the future of mobile gaming

Emerging from the legendary achievements of Matchingham Games, a titan in the mobile gaming industry with a staggering 500 million downloads and a portfolio of over 30 acclaimed titles, Ginger Joy is expanding its horizons. Our team has grown, enriched by the addition of world-class talents from renowned entities such as Subway Surfers, Netflix, Fall Guys and Pixar.

Experience the future of mobile gaming with us! We're blending classic gameplay with revolutionary blockchain technology to create immersive, rewarding experiences. Join our mission as we lead the transition of masses from traditional mobile gaming into this new, dynamic world.


Welcome to Fundora: Racing Beyond Boundaries

A multiplayer racing game at the forefront of digital innovation that seamlessly merges the realms of Web2 and Web3.

Fundora packs all the thrill and entertainment of traditional mobile gaming, but with a groundbreaking twist. Enjoy the unique perk of true ownership in the gaming world, coupled with an interoperable experience that allows seamless interaction with other games. Fundora isn't just a game; it's a gateway to a vast universe where your choices and achievements transcend beyond a single game.

Here, you don't just play; you own and influence your gaming journey




İbrahim Över

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Stein

Product Development Manager

Süleyman Gürgün

Creative Director

Soner Yurtseven

Art Director

Emre Kalafat

Lead Game Developer